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Class 7b - Version 2
The children at Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium in Konstanz are looking forward to coming to Richmond. (Pictured here with their teacher, Herr Seyfried.)

The borough of Richmond is twinned with Fontainebleau in France and Konstanz in Germany. The Richmond in Europe Association works with Richmond Council to promote sporting, cultural and educational links and exchanges between the 3 towns & surrounding areas.

Konstanz is a university town which enjoys a stunning location on the banks of Lake Constance with the Swiss Alps as a spectacular backdrop.

Harbour & Alps

Fontainebleau lies south-east of Paris and is famous for its beautiful palace, once home to the French Royal Family, and the extensive forest which has many cycling & nature trails.


If you would like to learn more about the exciting opportunities which our partnerships with Fontainebleau & Konstanz afford please click on the links at the top of this page.

twinning sign ferry
One of the many signs which greet you as you approach Konstanz. You see this one as you disembark from the ferry from Meersburg.

If you would like to link your group or association with one in Fontainebleau or Konstanz or would like further information about the Richmond in Europe Association please contact Carol Wain on 07580 885145 or write to



(Association pour les relations culturelles internationales de Fontainebleau)

Evelyne Wenzel, chairman of ARCIF, (2nd left) with members of REA.

ARCIF is responsible for the twinning of Fontainebleau with Richmond. This year we celebrated 40 years of the twinning between Richmond & Fontainebleau. Please click on Past Events above to see how.

You can read more about the activities of ARCIF in France by clicking on the following attachment.

ARCIF report

For further information about ARCIF please write to


You can find out more about Fontainebleau by clicking on the following links.

Fontainebleau Tourist Office website

Fontainebleau website



If you have any enquiries about Konstanz please contact Max Heber who is currently working as an intern at Konstanz town hall. 

Max writes,

“I am currently researching town twinnings as I am considering a future career in that area when I finish my studies at the University of Konstanz. I completed my B.A. in British & American Studies/ Spanish Studies in 2016. Soon after that I started my M.A. in Literary Studies (UK & USA). This led me to spend a term abroad at the University of Essex. I often think back fondly of my time in Colchester as I made many friends while enjoying life in Britain. I have many European connections. My girlfriend, whom I met in Konstanz & whose name is Constance, is French. I speak several European languages fluently including English, German & Spanish and have a working knowledge of French & Portuguese. I do not really perceive myself as German, but rather as a European citizen.

I will be working in the town hall until the end of March and you are very welcome to contact me with any questions or ideas via


I look forward to hearing from you.”

You can find out more about Konstanz by clicking on the following links.

The latest film just released by Konstanz Council

Another film showing the beautiful town of Konstanz

Konstanz Tourist Office website

The harbour, Konstanz.

Konstanz Council website

Konstanz Council Twinning Facebook Page

The stunning beauty of Konstanz was the inspiration for several paintings by J.M.W. Turner including this view from across the Rhine.

Image courtesy of York Museums Trust


London seen from Richmond Park

Richmond is the green lung of London, which is just a few minutes away on the train. You can even cycle there.

To see a video of Richmond please click on the following link.

Video of Richmond

Richmond Council

ID photoElizabeth Kingdom is the partnership officer at Richmond & Wandsworth Council.  

elizabeth.kingdom @richmond.gov.uk      

020 8831 6095 




The Richmond in Europe Association works closely with the British German Association.

British German Association Website

Brandenburg Gate
Das Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) Berlin.