Forthcoming Events


National Rejoin March

Many REA members joined previous marches

Saturday 10th September. 12 noon to 4.30 p.m. A National March on Parliament, starting from Hyde Park/Park Lane, to demand that the UK reapplies to join the EU to regain some of the benefits & privileges which have been lost.

12 noon. Assemble at Hyde Park

1 p.m. March begins

2.30 p.m. Arrive at Parliament Square

3 – 4.30 p.m. Rally at Parliament Square

For further information please click on the following link:

Rejoin March

Poems for Ukraine

Friday 16th September. 7 p.m. Members are invited to the book launch of “Poems for Ukraine,” an anthology of poems by an international array of contributors, at the Willoughby Arms in Kingston.

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to British-Ukrainian Aid, a charity providing humanitarian & medical aid to Ukraine in addition to supporting Ukrainian refugee artists.

The cost of the book is £8.99 & it can be purchased from Amazon, Waterstones or

For further information please click on the following link.

Further Information

Das Europakonzil

Konstanz, from a Zeppelin.

Gemeinsam für den Klimaschutz

A Youth Cop26 to save the Planet

26th-28th September 2022

The Europakonzil, which comprises youth delegates from Konstanz & its twin towns of Richmond, Fontainebleau, Tabor (in the Czech Republic) & Lodi (in Italy), promotes the benefits of European co-operation. The next meeting will take place in Konstanz from 26th-28th September & the theme will be, “Gemeinsam für den Klimaschutz.” (Together for climate protection). 

Delegates in 2017
Oberbürgermeister Uli Burchardt with delegates & representatives of the twinned towns.

Konstanz was the first town in Germany to declare a climate emergency in May 2019 & is one of the greenest towns in Germany.

The Europakonzil, which has been mainly funded by a grant from the European Union, is intended to generate ideas to address the climate emergency & share good practice. 

15 youth delegates from each town have already been selected & they have been paired with a youth delegate from another country. English will be the lingua franca. Richmond’s youth delegates are from Teddington School, which has had an annual school exchange with the Geschwister-Scholl-Schule in Konstanz for many years.

Environmental experts from each of the 5 twin towns will also be invited, as will representatives from each of the town twinning associations. Richmond will be represented by an expert from local environmental charity, Habitats & Heritage, and REA.

Habitats & Heritage link

The last meeting  of the Europakonzil took place in 2017. So successful was the Konzil in 2017 that it was nominated for two awards in Germany & won prize money totalling €1250.

For a press report about the award winners in 2017 please click on the following link.

Press Report

The victorious team.

If you have any questions about the 2022 Europakonzil please contact Maximilian Hecht

School Exchange Resumed

5th-13th October. Pupils from the Ellenrieder Gymnasium in Konstanz will be visiting Lady Eleanor Holles & Hampton Schools for the English leg of their annual school exchange. It will be the first such visit since the pandemic.

Pupils from LEH & Hampton Schools in the courtyard of the town hall in Konstanz in July 2018.

A tour of Farnborough Abbey

Saturday 22nd October 2022

Napoleon III, the last Emperor of the French, died in exile in England & his body lies in the Imperial crypt of St. Michael’s Abbey Farnborough. On the afternoon of Saturday 22nd David King will lead a tour of the abbey for REA members.

Napoleon had very strong connections with both Fontainebleau & Konstanz. As Emperor, he refurbished his favourite palace at Fontainebleau & he spent his childhood at Arenenberg on the shores of Lake Constance, overlooking the town of Konstanz itself. It was said that, as a consequence, he spoke French with a slight German accent.

The villa at Arenenberg where Napoleon spent his youth.

If you missed David King’s lecture on Napoleon III you can view a recording on the REA YouTube channel by clicking on the following link.

REA YouTube Channel.

End of October/early November. The next Phemina exhibition in Fontainebleau featuring works by artists from Richmond, Konstanz, Lodi, Sintra, Angkor (in Cambodia) & Fontainebleau. Further details to follow.

Tuesday 15th November. 7.30 p.m.  The Richmond in Europe Association AGM will be held in the Salon of York House.

The last live AGM before the pandemic.


February 2023.

REA members are invited, as always, to the Fasnacht celebrations in Konstanz.

This year Schmotizer Dunnschtig is on 16th February.






Ein Frühlingskonzert am Bodensee

18th-21st May. The Thames Philharmonic Choir will be performing with the Sinfonischer Chor in Konstanz.

Foreign Language Films

Watermans in Brentford screens films in both French & German. 

Richmond Film Society meets at the Exchange opposite Twickenham Station. Films are shown on alternate Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Tickets £5 (students £4)

The Exchange Cinema, 75, London Road, Twickenham

All films not in English are shown with subtitles.

Curzon Richmond also screens films in French & German with English sub-titles.

For further details please click on this link.

Film Reviews

Please click on the following links for reviews of films seen by REA members. 

Villages, Visages (2017)  by Carol Wain