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Das Europakonzil 2021

Europakonzil der Konzilstadt
 The 2017 Europakonzil

Following the success of the award-winning inaugural Europakonzil, which took place in Konstanz in 2017, we are delighted to announce that the next one will take place in Konstanz in 2021. The Konzil promotes the benefits of European co-operation. The theme for next year’s event has yet to be announced.

Oberbürgermeister Uli Berchardt (back row left) with delegates & representatives from the 5 nations in Konstanz

As before we hope to send a youth delegation from Richmond to join those from Fontainebleau, Tabor, Lodi & Konstanz. Last time over 100 delegates from the 5 nations participated. So successful was the Konzil that it was nominated for two awards in Germany & won prize money totalling €1250.


Press report on award

For further information please contact Anja Deschler

Rugby Connections

Twickenham Stadium

The Rugby Football Union is the latest local association to express interest in participating in the 60th anniversary celebrations of our partnerships with Fontainebleau & Konstanz. Rugby is very popular in France & is also played in Konstanz.

Ben & Chris
Ben (left) & Chris in the Hi-tech interactive Museum of Rugby.

On 4th December REA chairman, Alan Mockford, met Chris Donnelly, the community liaison officer at the RFU, and Ben Venus, the museum education & outreach officer, to discuss potential opportunities.


Information Evening

Carol & Sylvia
REA secretary, Carol Wain, with new member Sylvia Smith.

19th November.  There was standing room only at a packed information evening about the 2020 reaffirmation, which was held in the Salon & Winter Garden of York House.

St. Mary Mag

Representatives of about 70 local clubs, churches, associations & schools, who had expressed interest in taking part in the celebrations, were welcomed by the deputy mayor, James Chard. REA chairman, Alan Mockford, introduced many of the representatives while outlining the draft plans. This was followed by an opportunity for networking.

If you would like your group to join in the fun please write to

For further information please click on the 2020 Reaffirmation link at the top of this page.